Darke Dungeon

by Shadowdarke
Fantasy action adventure with boundless possibilities! Each server can be a unique customized world.
shadowdarke i found a glitch, i dont think the boss item drops work at all its strange. I mean like the variable doesnt seem to do anything on my sever i checked the bosses invetory and they have the items but dont drop them on death for some unknown reason ive tried changeing the varibles many times, nothing seems to work the items used to drop but now they dont.
A suggestion For a command Would Be steal,Only woks in a dungeon,But make the NCP Automatically Attack.But you cant Steal from another Player.Again Just a suggestion.
@Laserdog: I'll look into this. Thanks for the report.

@Adellss1: Early drafts of DD included picking pockets, but I shied away from it in favor of the system protecting your equipment that you have legally claimed. I might consider it for stealing dungeon critters and perhaps even stealing non-claimed items in non-safe zones.
Nice game but died, kinda a shame really. don't see many rougelikes types on byond
Hello Shadowdarke! If possible, can you allow non-byond members to host servers? It's a shame that this game isn't hosted 24/7 and I feel that unrestricting the hosting and world features would breathe a fresh breath of air into this game for people whom can host.
@Corpusbeast: Hmm, I still like to encourage people to get BYOND memberships, so I don't plan to do away with that. However, I will give the helpful fellows who have posted here previously and the next 10 people who post here with a positive message about Darke Dungeon a free 6 month GM Membership. Then I'll try to pop onto each of those servers before the 6 months expire and if I like what I see (your various customizations and such) I'll give those folks a full lifetime subscription.

Sound like a fair compromise? :D
does that mean i get one, i am a member lol

positive message: shadowdarke is rate cool
This game is great, I love how you can play as any monster (except mimic, those can't do anything) through simple savefile editing(and GM)... Everything is customizable and you can add monsters, shame non-members can't host. I bet the game wouldn't be dead like it is now. Could you please make mimics playable (through savefile editing(and GM))? It would be fun to ambush people as a chest :) It's very sad this game is forgotten and the only server that is up right now is pretty much dead. Also, if you play as a pyrogeist, you can buy free firebursts and burst spells.
Yep, even BYOND members get a free 6 months of GM subscription, so you both enjoy them and show me what sort of nifty things you can do with the beta engine.

You can play mimics just like any other race. I'll walk you through the steps a GM must take to make it happen.
  • Use the ?-critters command to bring up the critters dialog.
  • Click on the Critter Sets tab.
  • Click on the Edit button by "player_races".
  • Click the "Add a Critter Type" button.
  • Select mimic from the list.
  • Click "Ok".
  • Click "Save".

  • Now your players can be a mimic. Unfortunately the mimic graphics don't seem to work quite as they should so it won't look right until I track down that problem, but you can waddle around and freak out your friends.
Oh, I know how to add them as playable, but they can't do anything except walking, which is kinda sad :( Expected them to atleast bite or something, haha
They can attack, but for some reason the animation is not playing. They can also use weapons. :D I've already logged the bug and will work on it.
Woah, you're still around! I'd love to chat when you're able, Shadowdarke. Do you use Skype?
I already have a GM subscription that I bought long ago. So I want something else, My positive comment is: Darke Dungeon is a really wonderful Sandbox multiplayer roguelike which inspires others to think what their world and game could be like while giving them basic tools and customization to introduce their own content to the gameworld.

Also Darke, I need to speak to you:
As far as I was lead to believe a GM subscription was suppose to allow me to host, no? Well I keep getting non authorized error messages ect when I try to host, Especially with dream daemon. It lasts for a while sometimes, 5-10mins, but then no longer allows me to host. I've been trying for literally MONTHS since I've bought it, I was able to host partly successful maybe once but even then not all users could connect. When I log in, it still loads my GM subscription but denies me hosting. I bought my subscription some time ago, and haven't been able to really put it to use since, I've been really unhappy about this.
Though somehow I am now a byond member..so I probably won't have trouble hosting maybe. But still when I had my GM subscription I couldn't host ='(
Ok so I'm a member AND have a gm subscription and I cannot host with dream daemon, and when I host normally it says its unconfirmed with darke dungeon hub. >.<
Yes, it says unconfirmed still because the DD hub is down until Tom and I can figure out what exactly broke, but you should be able to host. I had a restriction built into the code that if you could not contact the hub within 10 sessions or so, you couldn't host. It was a bad idea on my part and I have removed that in the latest version.

I gave you the membership hoping it would help with your hosting problem, but then I realized what the heart of the issue was. Enjoy your membership!
I found some sort of go-around for this, I hosted private and then shut it down and hosed public without closing DD.
Just posting here to say that its a shame parts of the game are no longer really accessible. I'd love to just leave up a server using GM if possible, but the game doesn't seem to work through Dream Daemon anymore and the old Game Master site has been offline for years.

I hope Shadowdarke pops up again at some point and maybe makes it possible to host and fully customize servers again at some point.
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