Ascension Neo: Episode 1

by Mega fart cannon
The races have been pulled apart, and the continent of Tha'ujeal has been thrown into a war! Stop this war; It's time to set things right...
Closed Alpha Test Session 1

Ascension Neo will be having a public Closed Alpha test session from July 28th, 2008 to August 4th, 2008. This the first test session we will be having so, issues might arise during this time. Please test out the various features we will be providing, as well as test for bugs and glitches that may become a problem in the future, and report them in the Bug Reports forum. Remember, enjoy your experience!

The following features will NOT be activated:

* Partying
* Forging
* Equipment Upgrading
* Chat Filter
* Classes
* Skills
* Mantras
* Trading

Also note that the server might unexpectedly go down due to a crash or server update. All characters created during this test session will not be transferred over to the next test session or the open beta. Testers will receive a special alpha testing item during this test session and on the open beta.

Everyone that wants to apply for testing, please post in this thread with your BYOND key, or e-mail me at [email protected]

All previews and update information will now be posted on the Ascension Neo forums. Enjoy!

Last Updated Friday, June 27th, 2008