Builders Fantasy

by Sharp
Builders Fantasy
Submerge yourself into a life you create. Interact with a world, you help to shape.

Enter a world created by the players, and embark on your own adventure.
Live a life which you see fit, and allow your imagination to guide you.
Theres always something to create and do in this Fantasy Epic.

Major Changes

  • Brand new Combat and Spell systems
  • Brand new World
  • Newly redone Skill systems
  • Farming and Cooking updates
  • ...And More

<---Builders Fantasy, What will you do with your life?---

omg omg omg dis gaym rawkz mai sawkz!1!!1!2!
Officially seen some form of progress after a year of waiting (if not longer), cant wait to see the outcome of the progress.
I do love this game, even as a player :D
Is this coming back?
CauTi0N wrote:
Is this coming back?

I heard of progress from Sharp awhile ago, he even hosted a new version, however he prevented anyone from seeing any content with a little kitty picture that said nobody can pass. This was a 2 or a few months ago.
No I dont think so :O
god this game brings back memories... i wonder if Gotrax still plays?
He's still around, however he doesnt play the game often. Im sure if it was being updated(which it should be) that he'd play it again.
Banned.. I think this is year 4? ||||

how do u play i just dont know what to do and if I awnser no i am disconnected what a retarded game is this!!!
I still play occasionally? :D
i wonder when everybody will get back on
Well that vary's greatly, most of the oldbies have grown up and gotten lives.
havent played it
I really wish I could try out for admin. I understand I have asked before but, I really don't know where I am going with this. I really don't know :D. I think I just want admin because I want to visit the POA and make an epic CIA clan :D
i clicked to accept rules and i got kicked
Ah, the memories.
We should totally get everyone back =/
did this game die yet
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