Builders Fantasy

by Sharp
Builders Fantasy
Submerge yourself into a life you create. Interact with a world, you help to shape.
what is this byond you speak of
some place with rainbows and unicorns. you'd dread it.
oh ok, thanks for the warning
RAGENLIEF!!!! I want to play this again with you guys =/
welp, got that planetside 2 beta to enjoy now, i'd go on BYOND if i had something to do on here too :(
Meh, add me on steam or skype? Pimpmysoap
Will this ever come back up?
whats up with it today?
Is it... permanently dead?
its back dawgs
Man, I miss this game...
Miss this game? 14 years later...
Miss you all. Great times......
Hello there, It's me, Icedragon1523, Karnaji, IceOmen... all those names I used to play by. Would like to talk to some of the old players again.

You can now find me on Skype:

I also host a 24/7 ts3 server and have for years.
where is the host files / source
Hi :3
Hi ;P

Oh my... 15 years. How old was I 15 years ago? 10? Holy crap.
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