by Acebloke
There is no hope left but to escape.
Cheers to Lotho, for doing me some nice icons for this random game!

Information on maps, bots and keys available in game.

ex·o·dus (ĕk'sə-dəs) pronunciation

1. A departure of a large number of people.


Up down left right for movement.
Center to join game and shoot.
Pistol/shotgun in say command can switch weapons.
Northeast/Northwest cycles through weapons.

This is basically a multiplayer top down shooting game, it has 7 maps, three guns, four user icons that is random at the moment, but as the testing goes it should improve.


Yep, nuclear war starts. But not by the humans, much to many peoples surprise. An alien species which Earth encountered and communicated with went sour when suspicion started to grow over what the alien species was after. A wrong choice of words by the governments of Earth led to the ultimate end: Nuclear war.

So here we are, the temperature is starting to heat up now, the initial blasts have killed most of the 7 billion people however there is still survivors, and they are all trying to get off the planet. The number of ships still operational is getting low and can only support so many people. Competition starts to grow as the remains of the human race struggle to live.