Surreal Dreams

by Kunark
Surreal Dreams
A classic turn-based tactical RPG/strategy game pitting armies against armies.
This is a turn-based tactical RPG/strategy game where you fight your army against 1-3 of your friends' armies on a game board.

Choose from over 100 different characters with hundreds of unique spells and skills, from four major factions:

Kingdom of Lauros, led by General Reimon Golve - The kingdom of knights, lords, and holy followers.
The Arcane, led by General Asmodian Breagg - A region broken off from Lauros, and inhabited by all manner or rogues and spell casters.
The Will of the Antichrist, led by Saint Siverashe - After defeating the false messiah, Siverashe was cursed to live thousands of years holding the burden of Brasse's heart of darkness. Siverashe's corrupted mind now seeks revenge on the world of men using an endless army of undead.
The Wingmakers, led by Brother Heven Brasse - The ancient tribe of mystics led by the son of the messiah that works to bring back their fallen God.

Each faction and character has its strengths and weaknesses, and the game has been tweaked and balanced for several years. Matches may range in length from a few minutes to several hours, so plan accordingly.
:OO there arent 100 characters
Gymjim wrote:
:OO there arent 100 characters

Because you haven't unlocked them all.
I'm having trouble using the game offline. It waits for another player. How do I enable the AI?
The AI was never finished (only 2 missions were) and Vexonator took on the task of getting rid of all of the AI code so at least players could play through 2-player campaign mode again, which allows them to unlock characters.
SD not seeing much action these days and its a shame Id kill to play
I am now hosting this game as much as possible. Please login to play whenever you like =)
This game is good...but the fact that they couldn't support at least two 1 vs 1 games going at the same time is what draws from it.
There will be a number of updates on the coming weeks to deal with functionality issues such as this. Your input is appreciated