by Acebloke
Birth of the Lamizmian Empire
Joshtan is a fictional Continent, ravaged by an Empire that was born on rather good intentions. This is intended as a sort of Tactical Quest series, the first isn't supposed to be anything spectacular, and the beginning is rather lame in comparison to later stuff I have planned out.

This is Joshtan1: Birth of the Lamizmian Empire
I stumbled upon this and love the concept! It reminds me of Warsong and fire emblem! However the dialog is really bizarre lol

It a shame you didn't continue this I had always wondered if byond could make a Warsong like game and this proves its possible :)

Wargames was the game that got me hooked on byond and made me want to learn code :) so Acebloke is like my idol in a way :)

I had fun and love all your games :) keep up all your good work!