Rosas Tears - Dragon Warrior

by Dark_rathen
Rosas Tears - Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior done Action RPG. Quests, Leveling, Parties, you name it, its here!
Welcome to Dragon Warrior Rosa's Tears. Take a Gander while you're here.

You can play as many classes, follow a somewhat legible storyline, PvP, find hundreds of different items, start guilds, party up and co-op area's, with varying quests and so much more!

Be For Warned, The game takes a while to load, be paitent get a drink, a snack, go to the washroom, do something else while it loads. Thanks - Deex
@Empirez - Yeah I realize at the first few levels it feels slow. That's intentional. As your AGL stat increases the time between attacks is lowered. After 51+ AGL you won't even notice that there is any form of a delay. (You should also look into searching the Pyramid in the desert, theres an Accessory in there that boosts your AGL stat)
how do u start game it wont let me wat does it meen by center button