Retired Castle of the Winds

by Maz
Retired  Castle of the Winds
Retired Castle of the Winds online, authorised by original Author.
Hello there, you're probably not looking for a project started 10 years ago . I'd recommend looking here:

Started on 2/20/2003 by Maz, Jon88 and splattergnome.

Credit goes out to the following: Shadowdarke, Ebonshadow, Lummox JR, Deadron and the people of Chatters.

If you are new, please be so kind as to look though our website, and especially the FAQ.

Castle of the wind (the original) is a single player rogue-like. Full of monsters and random dungeons, the plan is for Castle of the Winds online is to replicate this and create a fun environment for newbies and power gamers, plus the ocasional normal guy.

Take a look in our forum, or take a look on our bwicki page for more info!