Battle of Evermore

by HendrixandCamo
Battle of Evermore
An action rpg; with spells, potions, weapons, armor, hirelings, quest galore and a huge map to explore.
Creator: Hendrix,Skinker(Camo)

Game is going through some heavy construction, thanks for being understandable :P

We'd like to thank those fans who are still believers of BoE and those people know who they are.
*Be advised, we know who you are and we will be sure you get rewarded*

Uploaded a older version so people can download, sorry for the delay!
THIS GAME ROCKS U SHOULD JOIN (am the first comment woot! ^^ )
i think i might host my own in a sec ^^
Pokemon174 wrote:
can someone tell me the website were i can get the host file. Sorry to ask here but nobody would tell me on the game and i love it so much^^.

Working on that issue, sorry.
yo seriouly i fucking love this game... and i ben wanting to host it for AGES! this was teh first game on byond i was really dedicated to! because of this game i stayed with byond... BRING THIS GAME BACK!!!!!!
why cant i download?
Well, i could only find a old update to upload so you can download, sorry
holy shit hendrix and camo!?!?!
yo im your biggest fan!

you guys ganna update?
how come i cant log in?
BoE for evz!
Where zeh download button? :(
whats up games been down since 2005
Those of us who still have the file like me are hosters to the game. I'm a old hoster with the files given to me directly from the game makers so I have the last version that was done. That saying I stopped hosting due to lack of interest, there has to be a demand for the play.
when is boe coming back? iv been waiting and waiting hurry and get it up
Mattdawgak do you remember from your server.. my name was KJ.. since you have a lack of interest is there anyway you can send me the host files so i can host cause i loved playing the game and its sad that it hasnt been up for so long
Uhm it's other people that have to have the interest. I didn't lose interest in the game one bit.
I may start hosting again soon, who knows what the near future shall bring.
Guys i am hosting it now Have fun :D
there are 145 fans o.o there is plenty interest in the game to have it hosted =o
(this comes from one of those fans ^^ )

but i really would like to see it being hosted again cause it is a fun game
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