Battle of Evermore

by HendrixandCamo
Battle of Evermore
An action rpg; with spells, potions, weapons, armor, hirelings, quest galore and a huge map to explore.
So ive figured a few things out i don't have any of the new host files but mine will work with the old byond... Trying to get into contact with the byond admins to see if there is some kind of coding they can do to fix this. If anyone can contact Hendrix or Camo or have them contact me via email [email protected] or Facebook I'd be more then willing to host this and get it up. :D No need for updates unless they want to i just wish to play again with people.
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contacted you on facebook
Hosting a server from dream daemon v354.913. I will keep it up until Christmas, possibly after if requested.

Noticing a few minor errors but it can be hosted on an older version of dream seeker/daemon. I'll be testing different BYOND versions and the 2 different host files I have for it to try and fix these little errors.
My server is back up and will stay up. lost power last night in an ice storm.
Hendrix if you see this and my server is up. please help me get admin commands TY.
Well i see you online, what do you need?
Who knew hendrix still comes on here.
Been trying to run the game but every time I try to make a new character the game crashes?
old byond + original hosting files + windows xp = game runs perfect
For anyone interested in playing Battle of Evermore, I have figured out how to do it. I have tested on Windows 8 and Windows 10, and both work amazingly.

Step 1. Go to
If you do not trust my link, all you have to do is Google search for, "Byond old versions" and it will be your first result, then open the folder 497.

Step 2. Click the 497.1146_byond.exe link and save the file(I DO NOT KNOW IF OTHER VERSIONS WORK CORRECTLY. THIS IS THE ONLY VERSION I TRIED).

Step 3. Open the .exe file, and Install Byond Version 497 IN A SEPARATE LOCATION from your current, up-to-date version of Byond. For example, I have my 512 version saved in a folder called, "BYOND" and my 497 version saved in a folder called, "BYOND OLD".

Step 4. Open Byond 497's application through (Save Location Folder)/BYOND/bin.

Step 5. Play!
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