by Lummox JR
A tiny little RPG
Runt was the 1st place entry in the 2005 4K Challenge. Using public domain icons and sounds, it's basically a quickie single-player RPG in which you battle a series of increasingly harder monsters in order to find a lost treasure. Along the way you'll find items that will aid you in your quest, including weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, rings, amulets. Bring back the treasure and as much gold as you can stuff in your pockets, and you can retire rich!

The compacted source code to Runt is also available. The source code includes an editor you can use to design your own rooms, add monsters and treasures, and alter many fundamental parts of the game.
what do u do when u died
If you die that's the end of the game; you have to restart it (just hit Ctrl+R to reboot DS). A classier restart mechanism couldn't fit in 4K.
ok thnx
It's addictive in a weird way.. PERFECT! XD