Megaman: Battle over the Network

by Gojan
Megaman: Battle over the Network
You can Search over the network, Kill Viruses,Compete in missions and much more, Check inside.
It's officially dead? Damn... This is pretty much the only good megaman game on Byond, and it is totally taken down? The game isn't even available for download. Hell, I would have been willing to host it, or find a host, just to keep it up. Updates may have been slow, but it's a damn good game. This kinda pisses me off.
please dont shut it down i really like this game and want it back up i waited a whole 2-3 month just to find out its dead
?bring it back please
hmmph you know gojan i never thought of you as a quiter maybe you could teach people how to do these things that you need so the game can stay
You can see me as an quiter, but you all know. lately we had 2/5 ppl online daily.

And besides that
We didnt have an iconer anymore
the coding was being done very nicely. we were implanting few things

but if we dont have an iconer or gfx then we cannot make anything out of the game,
We shall see if the Comunity of Byond will be helpfully later on
Well even tho not that much people were on it was still a fun game and if maybe you would of waited a lil bit a iconner would come up soon
Well if one of the reasons it went down is you need an Iconner, I'm a OK one, and I'm sure I could manage what may be needed. I can do quite a bit if given a base.
if anyone needs me, i'm a spriter. i made sprites for naruto evolution.
my keyboard no work need help aaaaaa
aw this is a great game but its getting dead
i never got to play it seems so sweet
how do you get event points?
Hey, if i will make sprites of my own char will you let me use them in this game? If yes. Where i can get base sprite sheet?
I cant join the game
this game need more events
I was thinking Plantman could use some more attacks like Plant Weed and Leaf Shield
more quests please
i have no clue how to use battle chips in battle
Nothing bad
Updates..NOW!!! nah just kidding :O game did....really die?
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