Ninja Rebirth : The Perfect SOLDIER

by Dbar910
Ninja Rebirth : The Perfect SOLDIER
Added more updates, random villages so don't remake til you get the one you want.Few bug fixxes, and a pwipe.Looking for iconners/gfxers/etc.

Game is under new management by raph (Savage Gregar), however Dbar will still be around every once in a while.

Owners - Dbar & Papa Kay (Retired)
Coders - Dbar / Papa Kay (Retired)
Pixel Artist - None
Mapper - Dbar
Graphic Artist - None
Host - Raphael

Game is going through final update before it is discontinues. Final update will happen when we find people who are able to make us icons and graphic art of the photoshop kind. Thanks for playing and if you like it stop by the comments and say so

If you have any opinions/suggestions about the rules, go here
-No colored text besides squad and if your a kage/GM you can have a colored name.
-Don't remake 50 times to get a village you want, random villages are here to spread out the players.Max limit of remaking - 2
-No alt or spam killing
-Sub clan requirements/locations are suppose to be secret so don't ask for them.
-No Tele Kills
-No Spamming Jutsus/OOC (Will Result In A Wipe if you spam jutsus)
-No inf/nan chakra, will be wiped.
-No Asking For Free Ranks (Will Result In Wipe)
-Don't Change Your Spawn To Anything Other Then Villages Or Face A Wipe
-No Bug Abusing
-No Failed Summon killing
-Respect GMs/Kages
-No Stacking What so ever.(will result in a wipe)
-No Caps - Result Is A Boot
-All Organizations only allowed to have 2 of each clan.

*****KAGE RULES*****
-Allowed 1 sage and 2 Anbu Caps
-No Anbu Cap/Sage challenges in your village.
-Must host chuunins when they are needed.(Every 30mins)
-Do not make no one chuunin unless they win the chuunin exam/FoD/Arena part.
-Respect the GMs
-All Player Rules Go For Kages As well.

All Original Ideas Are Property Of Dbar and Co.(excluding previous Owners)
Copyright byond.exe All Right Reserved Violators can be prosecuted


Only comments that might be helpful or just comments about the game and if its a good one, not just a game to come on for 10mins and then leave and talk nonsense on here.And please don't spam or stalk us. kthx
I'd like to say that well....I love this game lmfao
I'd have to agree with Doogal. This game is simply amazing. A lot of non-rip things in here, and that's rare in a Naruto game these days.
I am merely returning the favor. Do not sign on games and talk down about someone, especially while they aren't online. Your attempt of trying to get a response was wasted had I was online however. I'm trying to avoid any use of vulgar language to prevent your immature mind from absorbing such. Thank you and enjoy your day! :D
Uhh, I know I'm not in on this but, you're still using incorrect grammar. Since it's so obvious that you tried so hard to get it right I thought I should tell you that.
Issued to Zero

First off little boy your not smart at all and i know this from a year or two playing with you so stop using words you found on the internet to see if you was using them right

Second. I got on your crappy little game when i got back on byond to talk to raph, him and no one else, so if you think your special enough for me to participate in your like shit throwing my dick is bigger than yours contest over the internet then i'm sorry to tell you I don't need to prove anything to you, talk about you, or even acknowledge you exist

Third. If you have something to say to me then say it to me not a damn comment thread on my game.

grow up and get a life little boy
Why was i banned
got banned for no reason
I just got banned for no reason.. btw im Pain. i was just afk
Heya Raph, i got ip-banned yesterday for hitting a GM log,( i didnt know it was one) any chance you could un-ban me wont happen again. thanks
this games still up? i remember when it first came out
Dbar, what exactly did I do?
umm i wasnt trying to remake alot i was trying to get my old char bac i didnt no there wass a pwipe can u unban me if not just say so
Is the game still up? I keep getting connection failed. Am i banned or is the Game down?
i cant connect am i banned if so what did i do coz it workin fine yesterday and all i did was train so i dont think i did anythin wrong
wtf i just got tried to log on and im banned i didnt even do anything wrong y am i banned
1st best game of Naruto, Naruto Ninja Art
2nd best game of Naruto, Naruto Hidden Shadows
3rd best game of Naruto, Naruto Rebirth: The Perfect SOLDIER

Reason for hidden shadows, not all the demon.

Reason for The Perfect SOLDIER, can't chose own village
Wen will the game be back up
Yo Rapheal, when will the game be back up?
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