Zelda Online Advance

by Dlbrooks33
Zelda Online Advance
Strai's Zelda Online with huge twists!Last Updated(10/14/06) Please Post in Forums!
Finally making a lot of progress :D.

Version 7
-changed some GB to MC
-added water connections
-added Zora's Domain Flags Gates Gate Controls and Owners
-and more I can't remember.

-New forum.
1 commen and im sexy o.o
Dark Sonic rider wrote:
1 commen and im sexy o.o

no your not
hey Neon why am i banned from your server???????? an unban would be nice
Lucy_uk wrote:
Dark Sonic rider wrote:
1 commen and im sexy o.o

no your not

i agree he is very unsexy
someone host plz o.o
Simcra wrote:
This is a rip of Harper Uzumaki's Zelda Online Advance, he was the original owner and I'd like him to receive some compensation for his creation, or you to remove this from the hub.

yea that would be wrong. just thought i would let you know
How sure are you? Me and Harper are best buddies and we used to own it... I'm sorry if you think I'm lying but I'm not... Me and Harper used to code on this together, maybe we weren't the originals or something but I remember working on it with him :c.
yea im sure you did... stupid fuck.
Actually, Harvest is right. Harper probably used the SOURCE CODE of this game (which availible on dlbrooks' page) and made a few edits (like I did).

Although dlbrooks' version isn't the original either. I think the original was made by Strai. Not sure, though~
My access is denied for this game D: