Charmed: Rebirth of Magic

by SyncWolf
Charmed: Rebirth of Magic
A role playing fangame based on the popular tv-show Charmed.


New in version 3.2
Update 3.2 exists out of various big changes and new features that together make an impact on the base of the game itself. Included in this update is a brand new system for power advancement, new way of handling potion crafting as well as other changes and fixes.

Host files can be downloaded from the official website.

The Game

The official sequel to the in 2004 released Charmed, made by Hawkbane.

Charmed: Rebirth of Magic, also known as CRoM, is probably the most known of all Charmed games out there and even became the base for many Charmed games made since. This game is a role playing game based on the popular TV-show "Charmed", a world where witches and demons are as real as anything.

Do you have what it takes to make a difference for either good or evil in this strict role playing game? Or perhaps you rather stay neutral? Become one of the many races available to this game with a wide selection of powers and role play in a game based on the old TV show Charmed.

Visit the website for more additional information.

To get the best experience out of this game you are advised to have the following 2 fonts installed on your computer.
- Charmed font download
- Belthazor font download

CRoM is a fan game based upon the fictional show named Charmed created by Constance M. Burge. Some of the many features in this game:
- 14 Playable races
- 95 powers currently obtainable in-game with even more powers available only to certain ranks
- 30 Different teleportation styles
- A hybrid system
- 17 evil ranks, 12 good ranks and 7 neutral ranks with a system for custom ranks
- 53 spells found in 5 different spell books
- The option to make your own spell for vanquishing and/or summoning!
- 18 different type of potions of which some including multiple variants
- 24 Ingredients used for potion making
- Property buying system, offering 20 player houses and 3 companies capable of generating money.
- Easy to use spell system
- 60 books to read if you get bored
And much more.

History of Charmed

Charmed (Jayhawk/Hawkbane): Started 24 December 2004
The first ever Charmed game to hit BYOND was made by the creator of Charmed, Jayhawk. Although he was originally known as Hawkbane. The game has been online for 2 or 3 years until it was eventually ended, life got to busy for the creator Jay. This game had 3 stages.

Charmed Online (Xoule): Started 02 March 2006
The second Charmed game to hit byond, just like the first, it was an original game and proved to be a great success and loved by many players. This game has several official and unofficial sequels.

Charmed: Role Play (SyncWolf): April 2006
This was the first sequel to Jayhawks Charmed game, created out of the Source code of the first stage of Charmed, this code is still around on byond somewhere. Although the game never lived up to the original, it took a different turn by adding in ranks and player owned houses. It also introduced role-playing into the game. It was later continued under a new name and hub by a new large update.

Charmed: Rebirth of Magic (SyncWolf): June 2006.
Rebirth was the official sequel to Jayhawks Charmed and Charmed Role Play, bringing the teacher system to life, based upon the system in Jayhawks Charmed stage 3. Rebirth has been around ever since, using a few different hubs. Somewhere in 2007 a version got leaked out and is now base for many Charmed games for inexperienced coders.

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Not much to say about it, all i can say is, i liked the old Rebirth better.
I'd agree with you there Amber.
The game is always changing and trying to take a step towards role playing every time. Though who knows, I might release a PvP version of it at some point.
I wouldn't oppose to that. I wouldn't oppose to hosting it either ;).

SyncWolf wrote:
The game is always changing and trying to take a step towards role playing every time. Though who knows, I might release a PvP version of it at some point.

Um...why is it not letting me on the game? Btw, this is markk
Hello there Sync I have a question about Coding that only you can answer.

How do I merge "Procs" together under one Proc
this game is okay but it does no have good people OR GMS considering they sent someone to Advertise on my games and they muted me for saying so
Hey, um, who muted you? Cause the only GMs/Admins are me, Shy and Dylan and I don't think any of us would have done that... o.o
Well, I have been playing this game for a long time, It has its ups and downs, although it seems more downs then ups sometimes. It is however a great game and it was being updated quite often until recently when the owner decided to leave after a long 5 year run (currently working on the last few updates to finalize the game) . I recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting RPG that is magic based.
heh..see we didn't"send" get your facts straight..she was trying to get her friend to join..and we didn'thave anything to do with it..and we muted you because you were being a disrespectful person about are the owner of the other should have been able to handel it without having to go to the other game and complain to the people of that game.
used to play till the started resticting thing now the games almost dead
i like this game very much i play it every day i cant wait to the game comes back on
i was a GM before , love this server alot , But it wont let me play. :/
The game itself is really great. The ranks are all cool, and a lot of hard work put into it. Too bad 3/4's of the player base is absolutely horrible. :/

P.S. Most of the staff is absolutely horrible too. Shame that such a great game is wasted because of the players/staff.
Yeah you are right the game is just 'ok'. Might be a lot better if someone started over with a new source code and mini games to keep the players interested instead of the same people going for the same ranks over and over. Sort of like beating a dead horse huh?
Yeah, I think everyone can agree on that. It might be nice just to see a new game in general. Maybe not even Charmed as there are to many limitations and different interpretations of the show.
Love it :)
i cant get in isthe game down or something?
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