Charmed: Rebirth of Magic

by SyncWolf
Charmed: Rebirth of Magic
A role playing fangame based on the popular tv-show Charmed.
I cant ge i adasdsadfsajdf
Game is up and running again. It was down for a few hours, though nobody decided to inform me about it.
Its not letting me log in ? why wont it ?
Hey I got banded and I dont now why?iam comenting why i got band so plz tell me?
You must have been banned for a while. Sadly, I can't unban anyone due to a conflict with the server being hosted on linux. Hopefully I can figure it out soon with the help of BYOND.

The issue has already been reported.
There is always the people that whine because you don't know all the rules then they complain to the rpm or gm over occ. Like someone attacking you god knows how many times before but you return the favor. Then they complain and you get banned. Lol! But there are some RPMS and GM that are pretty cool. Its not all bad...I got banned today..It has its ups and downs like everything does,but more ups then downs..But anyway I guess i'm done since I can't play anymore lol. Anyway just keep playing the game and its a good way to pass time and get to know people too. lol. Later..Anyone want to talk to me key is Supernatural5115
I joined Byond because of this game, because i searched charmed games and this was the first one that i saw that actually looked good but as time went on it changed...for the worst.I quit this game because after the wipe the new rp point system is stupid. You cant go past class one with out receiving points from admins or rpms. Just doesn't seems right and is the MAIN reason i left.
Thank you sycn this is why i love be nice to was a happy day thank ou thank you i wont let you donw sycn
Ok I really hate where this game has gone. Class ranks need RRPs now? Ok that would be a great idea! That is if there was constantly an RP going on AND if every RP was being watched. However I was on the game for two hours, only one RPM was on. To my knowlege they were not watching RPs. I try to start RPs through ooc emote...nothing. So basicly everyone is stuck on class 1. Please fix this :/
Okay the new class rank systems are just there to hope to help improve the rps and further people willing to rp and not just be there. As for the admins maybe Sync has took this into consideration and will be getting new ones as well as old ones that are willing and will do the job majority of the time.
im sorry synd lpz uban me u learned how ta RP
can i be a guy charmed one PLEASE
You dont ask for it Warlock , you've got to apply for it ask one of the RPM's or Admins and they should be able to explain to better.
it sucks to many uptight assholes who think that they can kill you while your reading a book
no admins say anything when i ask if i can be a charmed one so thats why i was asking on here
Well i think you have to create a story for your character and get all the requirements for a charmed one >
to get RP status do you have to roleplay and does a admin have to be onilne so they can give you RP status
Why isnt it up it needs tp be up!!!
Why? No one has been playing it lately. With only 2-4 players on at a time RP sucks and it hasn't been updated in a while... Whats the point...?
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