Charmed: Rebirth of Magic

by SyncWolf
Charmed: Rebirth of Magic
A role playing fangame based on the popular tv-show Charmed.
Ok i love the show Charmed I really do. The other Charmed game (Charmed Life or Death) has more Classes to choose from but the graphics are not good at all. I think u should put those classes on this Charmed and it would be alot better. Please think about it. Not trying to be rude just my opinion.:)
Be Epic If There Was Both Roleplay And Pvp Servers ? Or Maybe Have It Rpvp , Cuz Some Times ... I Dont Feel Liek A Evil Demon When I Gotta Tell Someone Imma Blast Them With Fireball
I want to host this charmed game so we can play.

Host it! Host it! Host it! >:O please ^_^ This is game is amazing.
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Kress16 wrote:
Be Epic If There Was Both Roleplay And Pvp Servers ? Or Maybe Have It Rpvp , Cuz Some Times ... I Dont Feel Liek A Evil Demon When I Gotta Tell Someone Imma Blast Them With Fireball

I agree with you. In all honesty, I feel RoM has become a great game. However it's only a great game to those who know how and enjoy role playing.

If there was a way to meet both standards for the average PvPer and RPer, I can guarantee there would be a bigger player base. Maybe not as large as we'd like, but I know there would be an increase.

I know many of you avid role players would disagree with my statement. However, what I say is true and that truth is no secret. RoM has made it's mark upon Byond history, but it will only be half as great as it could be.

All in all, if you love RP, this is the best place you can be.
I'd like to chime in on this if I could, @Lavitiz..

This game actually does have amazing potential, but it's lack of a player base doesn't need to be solved by adding pvp (Frankly, it would be lackluster). The real issue with this game is that even in RP, this game seriously lacks ACTION.

Because of the permanence of death, you drain a lot of the fun of fighting and killing out of the game, and what little there is left to be had is hard to come by because you're always required to have an amazingly legitimate reason to justify your attack. Why can't I just be a demon that wants to kill you just because you're a witch?

Honestly guys, what it comes down to is you forcing people to skulk around twiddling their thumbs and plotting non-sense for ages on end, because taking action is rarely a viable option.

People are forced to RP with the same people in the same environment, because otherwise they're either betraying their alignment, or metagaming, and god forbid if they make the game exciting by going out and shooting an energyball at something.

In essence, what I'm saying is that you need to prioritize combat RP a lot more. Charmed would not have been worth watching at all if SOMEBODY didn't die at least once an episode.

Hell, I'm not even saying everyone needs to die after every fight, make it easier for people to survive fights if need-be, but letting people actually FIGHT more often is essential. If I log in and play as a demon, I'd like to do some evil demon shit, which usually consists of blowing some motherfuckers up, and if you stifle that desire then I'm obviously going to lose interest, which I have a long time ago.

Just IMHO.
Well it is a fact that if you make this a pvp game instead of a RP more people would play
Honestly, Keith is right, this game does have potential. And I think there are positives and negatives to adding PvP. First, I think adding PvP as a choice would give players the feeling of having a say in what they get to do and I mean sure u can run the game the way you want because your the "Owner" or "Host"(Not saying that's what goes on here) But when it comes down to it, if you don't listen to the players and find a medium between what you want and what they want, you'll be playing by yourself and your Staff...

I think that if you had someone host 2 servers at once tagged as PvP and Rp there would be less protest from the players, and maybe bring back old players that didn't agree with the switch. And actually, since this game is currently going into the ground(No offence! Still a great game!), I think it's time to go back to releasing the host files, especially since SyncWolf announced that he's not doing more updates and found(Or is finding, haven't been in the loop lately) a stable version to leave it at to code another game(Which I'm sure will be great too:)). To add another point, The game was at least being played when everyone could download the host files, unlike right now and how there isn't a server up(Again, no offence, Not trying to trash talk the game!), and that is pretty much the point of making a game.. To let the players uhh.. play it. XD. Well, these are my thoughts on the matter. Please, nobody take offence to this, not trying to cause trouble. There's positives and negatives to every idea and I'm sure there is something in my comment that at least one person will disagree with. And if that's so, then please post your agreements or disagreements of my post in a nice, non-nasty way. Thankyou! :).
Adding in PvP to the game mechanics is something that I had already done a few months ago. The just hasn't been a reason to use it yet, aside from on the test server.

As it currently stands, the game should have a stable version in which a host can determine whether the server should be RP or PvP. My lack of attention towards this might have made me miss out of some small pointers, but it should be operational.

I have at several times come to the stand of making the host files either public, or no host files at all. Where as feedback has indicated that hand picked hosts would be a preferred option.

Now I could have placed these files up weeks ago, yet decided against it so far just to see if there is even anyone that would ask for the game to return. Granted I have no checked the forum, I've had no requests to bring a server back.... Note to self, check forum.

In addition, to avoid some confusion. I am not working on any other BYOND game, nor do I have plans to do so. Those plans were cancelled about 2-3 years ago.

After having been with this game (and a few others along the line) for roughly 8 years, it was time for me to decide that BYOND was taking up too much of my time.
Well I appreciate you returning my comment, and being thorough and nice about it and also taking it seriously. I would like to address a few things though. I'm glad that the game is at a stable version. A really good idea of you sync. and I think that maybe realizing that BYOND takes up too much of your time and taking a break is never a bad thing. I've contemplated this many times haha. But Maybe instead of quitting all together just take a little, vacation. Also, I think that this game has come a long way since I started playing in '08 when I joined with BYOND. and even though some people may be greedy enough to ask for more than the host files, I personally know many people who will be more than content with just plain hostfiles. And i'm sure there are even more out there. I don't think that it's fair to punish everyone for the few handfuls that don't understand. And although I do think it was very smart of you to give a lot of decision on the host files being posted or not, I think that it's time to post them. The game is falling downward(and I mean no disrespect by this, its definitely had its good times.), and as I see it, it can't really go down any farther than not having a server up and people that love this game playing.

As for feedback saying handpicked hosts are preferred, and be honest, how many people do you think that gave feedback had good standings on the current server, were staff, or have it good with the servers host(Not saying all or any of these are true, just giving ideas). There are so many that like this game, have played it in that past(for longer than a week or so I mean), or even choose to play in currently, that don't participate with things on the forum and/or hub. So knowing for sure what the "preferred option" is for servers, is impossible.

Once again, just as my last post, I mean no harm, disrespect, and I'm most certainly not trash talking anyone or anything. I am very serious about my opinions and will always be willing to talk about anything in a calm, non-argumentative way. As long as we're talking and not fighting, nothing you say or disagree with me about will offend me. Have a nice day CRoM forum readers! and thank you in advance to whosoever reads and replies to my post!:).
My server (pvp) will be up 24/7 so do not expect it to be down.

I've already stated my point in all this. If a PvP Server were to pop-up, I'd play it. I don't mind Sync picking a dedicated host and not making the files public, just so long that the host is stable.

I pop-in here and there to check on things. It's nice hearing Sync has made changes to allow for PvP.
So, As fun as this game is, It's not getting a very good Player Base... at all what so ever. So, I think a few things should be done, More advertising(And I don't mean get on someone else's game and advertise), Needs to be updated.. But since the SyncWolf has stopped at a stable update and isn't doing anymore.. It should probably be passed down to someone.(I'd vote for Huey... Idk if he can code or how smart he is, but he's the only one that seems to care at all about it at least being hosted. I'd definetly vote no for mouissifer, I know he has had a big role in CRoM over the years but he's well.. too opinionated and I think he might make the game communistic O.o. Lol. But, I really do think that if you aren't going to update, SyncWolf, You should really pass it on to someone. There has to be at least one person you trust that has played CRoM. AND that can code. PLEASE someone that can code XD.
First of all, don't talk about me if you can't spell my name correctly. You obviously have no idea who I am so you really have no reason to put me in this.
Secondly, How the hell did I even get added to this conversation? I haven't played C:ROM in well over a year, nor have I spoken with anyone who plays C:ROM, so how does that make me to opinionated, and how could that possibly in any way make me a communist or turn the game communistic?
Lastly, If I had any interest in running the game, don't you think I would just host my own server? It's not like they aren't public for anyone to use.

Damn... Even after I leave this game, stupid people still try to drag me back into it. Get a life, I have moved on and so should the rest of you.
Lol, I know exactly who you are and this is exactly the kind of response I expected. And like I said, I do know you, so I also know that your lying. I've seen you play this in 2011 and 2012. Within the last year. and then on Souhbys game you also commented on how you talk to SyncWolf and Souhby because of some GM abuse or something like that. And you are VERY opinionated. Usually on the annoying side though, since you have no problem being cruel or blunt.
Souhyb.* :) Haven't seen him in ages.

Also, @ClaryFairchild, there was no reason to bring in Moussiffer. Since we're talking about people we don't know, I'd like to take the opportunity to judge you based on your short byond history and remind you to take your meds.
That was the "Response you expected?" You obviously don't know me. And you definitely haven't seen my play this game within the last year. I haven't even logged onto BYOND since sometime in 2011 which was maybe the last time I HOSTED, but didn't actively play, and only hosted as a favor to a member who asked. Other than that I haven't seen or been on Souhyb's game, nor do I think it is even up anymore. And I also haven't talked to Souhyb or SyncWolf in a long time. Longer than I can remember. The fact of the matter is, if I were opinionated, I would be playing this game actively. Which I am obviously not. Also, you may be right about on thing, I don't have a problem being cruel or blunt. Life is not a popularity contest, and I don't deal with idiots who hide behind a computer screen to make themselves feel bolder. Now if you will excuse me gentlemen, it is time for me to go back to the dark realm known as college.
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Moussiffer wrote:
Now if you will excuse me gentlemen, it is time for me to go back to the dark realm known as college.

Good luck. :3
@Lavitiz, In fact I have another key and I've been playing since 2008. Moussiffer I have nothing more to say to you, if there's more that needs to be discussed, then message me on my pager. And SyncWolf, I did notice that you started hosting again, I'm not sure if your making new updates or not, but an idea I had because you said once that if there were a bunch of servers, the main server wouldn't get a big enough player base, well if you host the most updated files, and then put the most RECENT files on the hub, and then when you come out with a new version, put the old one on the hub, and then you host the new files etc. I think that would fix your issue. IF your even updating now I mean. If not then, something to think about in the future ^^. Btw Lavitiz, I take my meds everyday thank you ^^.
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My bad, This is ClaryFairchild by the way. Lavitiz, I JUST clicked on your second link, about COSAB, That was an issue between Zerok and I. We've worked it out now ^^. I wasn't randomly commenting on the hub as an angry host, it was more personal than that. And besides, I wouldn't have posted something on a hub that I didn't mind everyone seeing ^^. And also this is my main key, the one I had first that I created in '08. Not the ClaryFairchild key that appears to be created not long ago.
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