Elemental Warfare

by Archfiend Master
Elemental Warfare
Elemental Warfare is a pvp type game where you try to master the Elements. There are a lot of great and new ideas in the game so give it a try. (Beta Testing)

Elemental Warfare is back... for beta testing. Feel Free to join this open beta test and give feedback to what you think of the changes.

*The game is updated daily to fix bugs and problems.

*Updated most Sundays for new features.

Looking for Icon Artiest and a host, if you are willing to help post in the discussion area or just get a hold of me thanks.

All turfs are from RPGMaker XP.
Fix the lag i would love to play
A pretty awesome beginning to what looks like a really cool game. I can't wait for more udates.
In response to Moussiffer
Moussiffer wrote:
A pretty awesome beginning to what looks like a really cool game. I can't wait for more udates.

There won't be any updates.
This game Is sick why are there no players o.o
will they be anyone updates and if not then anwer why not also how do i face my shadow, and use my dark sword as a paladin
Yes, this game is still being updated. And at this moment most swords that you equip just give you more stats which i plan to change with in the next few updates. In order to fight your Shadow you must first take to master drake and then move on to ???1, ???2 and so on.
where can i find that ???? 3 which town and i think you should make a map and make those ncps tell which town
Adding Overlays makes them Underlays.
hey how i stop gate of death
To stop the gate of death you just have to use it again and it will turn off.
ok but i can,t move now once i use the gate of death 140 or higher times i can,t move i tried loghing in and out it didn,t work it might be a bug so fix it
i can,t move and gate of death you should make it so if you type 0 it turns off
and once i use gate of death it does not make me stronger it makes me weak. and before i use gate of death or gate of death
and enerage combions or seper atly it weakens my states 9 times before i could ATTACK A PERSON WITH 900 DAMAGE WITH 1 ATTACK AND NOW I DO 5 DAMAGE! ONECE I USED IT
Well Gate of Death does body damage once you are no longer in it, so if you go into it and then power down and look at the body tab you will see that your body is no longer at 100%, and because of that you attacks will be weaker. So if you were to heal and use gate of death again you will be back at full power.
ok but how do iheal and can you tell me what can i do to make me move agian
Interesting game.
Thanks, it's still being worked on and will only get better.
If you need a host, page me.
hey arch can you make this possiable in the game: A dragon and the owner fuses for a time limit depened on mana or stamina but need training to do it: So what do you think?
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