Failed Fate X: A New Era Of Chaos

by Loverboy
Failed Fate X: A New Era Of Chaos
Mine, forge, fuse, trap, farm and fight against the human invasion! An old school ORPG, with a new vibe.
Master your skills in this ORPG from days gone by. Experience old school gaming feel with updated and new technology. Join the Orion in bringing an end to the human invasion. Mine, forge, fuse, trap and farm! Raise your own pet! Purchase and maintain a home! Explore vast landscapes from forest and desert to dangerous caves! Fight off the human hordes alongside your friends and pets! Design your own destiny, decide your fate.

Credit: Dalze For the Creation of the game
New owners: Loverboy Aka (Inuyasha)/ Ironguy Aka (Iron)
Special Thanks To: Georm, Lensor, Sunstrike,
Manwe, Kiba,
And an Extra thanks To: Georm (Thanks Bud)

Game Administrators: Inuyasha, Iron(Not the one you mine for :P) Georm, Lensor, And Dalze(If he shows up lol)

Any Questions or Concerns please feel free to use the Bug Report/Suggestions option in game Or Contact a GM :via

Discord Channal:
Game Facts:

Please Feel Free to donate to server cost being it does not cost anything for you to play, it's a free game to the public, but more donations means a lot more content quicker
Loverboy, you and alien should mix your both server so have more things, like more weps, more armors, more planets, more skills, MORE PEOPLES!
Well well well, look who's back from the dead. Again. Nice to see the game back up again. Where's my subscription? Lol, contact me, let's see if we can get the bad boy popular again.
Loverboy you should let me take over the coding of this game and let the other people gimme icons so i can code in new stuff. But thats only if you dont mind?
In response to Deathwisps
People don't just give you icons... And if they do, they are 90% ripped.
i take offense to that temple. the icons i made for this game are 100% original. if you dont like them you dont have to keep your eyes open. id like to see this game up and running again. it was fun.
So what you guys doing? Get the server up.
In response to Kih
I was trying to get it up but loverboy has the source code and I would host it for you all but I cant if I don't have the host files or source.
I am currently hosting the original if you guys want to play it until this comes back.

Why is the server down? Can you get it back up Enfernoc? Also, can you host it 24/7 or not?
The drake sprites, are ripped from rm2k. The armored human sprites are ripped from breath of fire. The behe sprites are ripped from another rm2k sprite set. Same with goblins.

While the rm2k sprites are technically open to use, they are ununiform with other sprites in the game, adding to the ugliness.

Juggle, I don't know what icons you did or didn't do. But there are a good amount of them that are ripped. If you took part in the ripping, you should be ashamed, if not, then carry on being offended for no reason as you would fall in the 10%.
Patch 1.18 is coming March 10. Big changes to core game play! Stop by and check them out!