Omega Mall

by Ishtama
Omega Mall
The original Omega Mall with a new owner!
Welcome to Omega Mall! The worlds largest shoping complex, with multiple malls built right inside! No more running around town to the different malls to find the cheapest prices and the best products, now each mall is only a few steps away! But there's a problem. We need people to work in the malls! So why don't you come in, buy a mall, and maybe even earn a buck or 2....billion that is!

As for our more frequent visitors to Omega Mall, you might notice some changes occuring, as the transition from Stad to Ishtama as new owner occurs. Please bare with us as this happens, Omega Mall will return to it's normal state in no time! (P.S. Hikato, everyone hates your version anyway, so just shut up you idiot. And also, OM wasn't yours anymore when Stad came back to BYOND, it became rightfully his again. When he left, he gave it then to me, cause he knew I could take it somewhere.)

Untill then, enjoy, and have fun shopping!
-The OM Management


- Version is now 3.0
- Majority of major bugs fixed
- New HUB for transition to new owner
- Elevators added
- New hud colours
- All malls on Floor 1 finished and Floor 2 added with 5 new malls
- Tag Arena made on Floor 3

To Come:

- Malls finished on Floor 2
- New Icons

Version 4.0 Features: (Don't expect this for a while)

- Floor 3 (Code Name: Arcade Room)
- Floor 4 (Code Name: Food Court)
- Housing