by Evi of au
Everyone loves the classic card game UNO!
12.21.09 - Updated download files.

2.26.09 - Updated download files.

2.11.09 - Updated download files.

2.10.09 - Updated download files.
2.10.09 - Full update list coming soon.

11.7.2008 - Updated download files.

12.14.2006 - Updated download files.
12.14.2006 - Due to certain pixel offsets, UNO is no longer text mode compatible.

12.13.2006 - Updated download files.
12.13.2006 - All kinds of small/medium sized changes.

12.12.2006 - Updated download files.
12.12.2006 - Text mode is now fully functional.

12.11.2006 - Updated download files.
Unzip failed :(
GhostAnime wrote:
Unzip failed :(

Ehh, sorry. It has been fixed.

pretty fun, better than una at least
I wanna have babies with this game
You may.
Hahah noobs ban you because you start the game when theres 6 people nice.........
They have control over thier own servers, just like you would if you were hosting.

Not much I can do about it.
Can someone tell me WHY i got banned? Just what kind of server is this...
this game sux, first off there isnt that much 9 bluess in the game howd he have that MUCH!??!?!? second, u can do anything that makes the game fun like double stak
The deck contains the right cards, you must be confused, and I am sorry you don't enjoy the game.

I would love to see links to your games so I could give you my opinions?
This would be a good game if the NPC's didn't spam the same card over and over and never run out of cards...
That is stupid, especially when they use skip cards.
In response to Evi of au
What about fixing the npcs when you play by yourself?