by Acebloke
A block game with a political name

This game has been replaced with Communism 2 which is much more cleaner etc etc. And works.

This has nothing to do with Communism, sorry folks, just couldnt think of a decent name.

Some of the features dont work yet, so dont get exited. The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible/more points than the other player. You can play single or 2 player, 2 player requires hosting and a second key to login.

To start a single player game, click the top most funny circular thing. To play a multiplayer game, click the middle icon, the multicoloured funny circular thing and wait for another player to click the multicoloured funny circular thing.

Points are gained by clicking on the blocks. This will make it disappear. If there are blocks of a similer colour next to it, this adds to the points. Points are valued at the square ( x/* itself ) of the number of blocks that disappeared. If it is only 1 block, then the score is 1, if 2 then the score is 4, if 3 then the score is 9 etc etc.

Have fun.