The World:Fragment

by Seanleonartes
The world in its first version come on in and expierence a world of visions.
You realise theres no proof to me ever giving you permission..Ill post our chat log if you like.
Genesismagician wrote:
then you can take your icons and shove them up your ass.
I'm one of the new staff :D. Share any ideas with me and I'll consider it along with Sean.
It is a really fun game, keep up the good work.
Seanleonartes wrote:
I have found a new coder who is showing progress.He is also an iconner with some skill.The game should be progressing quickly.Ill post an update this weekend.

I'd love to help out, it's sad to see this without players so very often.

Feel free to contact me with anything you need.
Well i have someone already but an iconner would be nice.
I might be able to get one, it's sort of hard to find an iconner nowadays, all the good ones I knew quit.

I could probaly hook you up with a host.

Or anything else.

I'll see what I can do about the iconner however.

I'm much more of a coder than a iconner.

The first person I asked wants to know what kind of icons before they agree.
The only suggestion I have is that damage calculation be fixed when fighting other players.

Most PvP matches involving players within 5 levels of each other take nearly half an hour, and thats if both players stand still and just take turns hitting each other. What's the point of being the strongest if your attacks and skills will still only hit for 2 damage?
THis game was really awesome!!!! (at least up until it froze and now my character seems to be non existant *tears*)
Are there more than 1 server? Once i create character train it to 12 lvl and next day my account was empty, so i create new char, during week i train it to 60 lvl and now i have this 12 lvl on my account.
I will be so glad when they get this game set up right and up 24/7
under appreciated game its pretty good
yes it is
Dosn't help commenting if you don't play it, I simply don't have the time to play it like I would like to.

EDIT: Put that instead of dosn't for some reason. I just need sleep.
why no one play this i mean the game is awesome so i share the opinion of Zagros:under appreciated game -_-"
This game is dead.
can i get the download to this i wanna revive it and add stuff to it
Just paying my respects.
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