by VcentG
*Major Update 4/28/2020* A Bleach MORPG loosely based on the popular anime and manga, with RPG elements and a content added all the time!
When game is back on ill have the strongest Tousen Pure Sado and non eevented quincy

When will 3.0 be released?
Rasengan3oo4 wrote:
When will 3.0 be released?

I'm cutting v3 into pieces and making v2 turn into v3 over time.

Its sexier this way :)
come on i know last night was thanksgiving it Friday now turn it on lol

I'm joking take your time lmao
i dont know if u guys are looking for tips for the game but i say u should make it where u get to a lvl to get to a from as a hollow but there a from that u then have to eat hollows to become a i forgot but there those big one with a big nose im sure u know what im talking about then to pass that hollow from u have to eat alot of that hollow from im talking about then u eat more hollow and more hollow and more to become a arrnoc or whatever it spell it be cool that way and it go with the bleach game think it over for next update if u still doing updates
What did I do to you Vcent D:, Why won't you let me log in >.<, Can you erase me from your Banned List? :D
By the one with big nose I think he means Gillian
DwnTwn wrote:
What did I do to you Vcent D:, Why won't you let me log in >.<, Can you erase me from your Banned List? :D

I think it's menos grande or something like that
THis GamE IS Very Good
shouldnt the espada rankings go from 0-9 since technically Yammi is the cero(zero) espada in his release state and that his 10 is only in his sealed state? And add bakuto
make 11-99 arrancars, those who aren't that strong need a number too, right? >_ >
100-400 like, the ones that were espadas once.
why game is offline?
What is with this game?
why is this game down?
its fucking awesome and should be always on with 2 servers and should add Bakkoto users as well like Captain Amagai
Yo V u said you were gonna add .3 to 2.9 so does that mean are the game isnt gonna wipe?
It depends... when v3 comes xD.

And you guys can't wait a day, gosh.
sorry VcentG we just love this game too much to not be able to wait plz add another server so we wont bother you
Its good news VcentG
But can u add some new attacks to Ryuujjin Jakka:]
and sound like shikai can be in bankai mode:D
I hope so u can add some new characters:D
If this is problem i can make icons for u:]
Back up, had some comp trouble. And added something to keep trash out D:
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