by VcentG
*Major Update 4/28/2020* A Bleach MORPG loosely based on the popular anime and manga, with RPG elements and a content added all the time!
I see....
when is the next pwipe!!!
i've re-made my account 14 times to get vai and still haven't got it:(, is it just my bad luck or is my account bugged????

also this is a great game:)
Bad luck, stop trying and play the game.
you cant
how do u get viserd or inner hollow
hay i play this but i cant get super sayann even when get hyper boy
finally gotten a inner wabi!!!
SuigetsuKyouka wrote:
hay i play this but i cant get super sayann even when get hyper boy

yo u fucking retarted this a fucking bleach game theres no fucking super saiyan...
lol he cant read the title
Looks like Bleach is about to sky rocket on the player list, Almost all DBZ And Naruto Games Are being shut down by FUNimation. However from what i belivie (And the little, i mean 2 minutes, or research i did) FUNimation does NOT own Bleach, So Vcent is in the clear. :o, and is open to, May i quote from his rap song with branks, "Own BYOND". =3

well were overdue for another good manga to pop up and become an anime therfore making another popular game aslong as funimation doesnt get there hands on it we will be safe :D.
Lol, well, Bleach is owned by Viz. However, Viz's marketing team is a little bit more competent. They know this kind of thing attracts new fans, meaning more DVD sales....etc.

Funimation and 4Kids both have the mentality that "all other publications are a threat" and often move to squash anything. Like how Yugioh Abridged was shut down for awhile due to 4Kids complaining. XD

Bleach should be safe unless someone texts Kubo in all hiragana, Katakana, and/or Kanji, and tells him "Look what your ideas are being turned into!" XD
for afk checks how long do u have to click the button? i keep getting kicked cause i dont have enough time to click it and then i lose stats :\
You have 30 seconds. And every 3 strikes you get stats halved (if it thinks you were afk training when kicked, if not then you don't get a strike, just booted).

I tweaked it a little bit so hopefully less, uncarfeful people will stop getting the 3rd strike =P
Dude i was training on shinigami's and was watching tv while i clicked and when i look back i was disconnected. I have been kicked off for minutes and this is the first time i have ever missed the afk check WTF?? EDIT: it has been 40 minutes and i stll can't get on
I'd suggest paying attention, 30 seconds is a long time to not be looking at the screen. It only takes a glance back every 20 seconds to never get kicked.

Oh and you get kicked for 30 minutes no matter what if you're deemed afk training, no matter of if its the first or 100th time. The only thing that the # of times matters is if you lose stats or not. Be careful, strike 1 ;)
How about, stop trying to spam and go enjoy not playing the game. It's your fault you're banned. You were delusional and it cost you the game. The fact that you keep trying to post here just shows how much it hurts you.

And we'll really miss you when the new version comes out. Considering I just tossed the goodies in this version you really picked a bad time to be an idiot, but then if you were smart you wouldn't be an idiot at all huh?

So the only thing left to say is... Kthxbai.
What goodies? if one might inquire :]
wtf happen to the game
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