by VcentG
*Major Update 4/28/2020* A Bleach MORPG loosely based on the popular anime and manga, with RPG elements and a content added all the time!
original game love it
if im holow can i still be itchigo?
1. How about letting me host ur other server 24.7?

2. make ur server puplic for people 2 host.. that how a game gets 5x its people!
I can really answer both with one statement.

No because people like to edit saves.
no i wanna host ur game... i dont wanna cheat DX.... my friends play games i host... Byond Games is getting lame... and urs is cool i wanna host ur game and try running it... No edits... that makes the game boring
No because people like to edit saves.

some people wanna host good games you got a good game.. comeon let me give it a shot D= i promis u wont be disapoited

(and not EDIT!)
Hell no. You cannot host. Get out.
ok... well w.e. ill join soon then
zelda is not a editor he has hosted lots of games i know and even myne but it goes slow
Well VCentG, if you ever need a host, I'd be willing. If it makes you feel any comfort at all, I wouldn't even play the game as a player in order to ensure <--- no edits while playing and such.
Game Wipe ?
how come when im finisheed making my charecter the game wont let me press done to finalize it?
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VcentG wrote:
I can really answer both with one statement.

No because people like to edit saves.

Why don't you just MD5 the save files and reject any saves that have been tampered with? That way edited save files will be rejected from the server.
Hey man this game coming back up it was like the only break i had from naruto revised and since im co-owner there it gets boring playing all the clans...
Why are we not allowed to attack diagonally? Also why is moving diagonally slower?
When's the next wipe?
July 31st 2289 or any time in-between.
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That's something to look forward to. I'm just wait then.
bleach movies/episodes/games is so awesome and i will rate them 10/10. keep the good work!
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