by VcentG
*Major Update 4/28/2020* A Bleach MORPG loosely based on the popular anime and manga, with RPG elements and a content added all the time!
whens my baby cumming back on?
V can u give me estimate how long i will be banned for and there alot poeple who afk train i have screen shots if u want them but ill doubt u will ban them
So I was ban i don't really care about the ban as much as my money i never got my vai i paid for so v can you send my money back
did you computer banned me V? cause i cant log in on any accounts i have? pls unban me i dont know why u banned me.
for the love of god V pls unban me ;(
any chance of an unban?
Just wondering, does anybody know why the game has gone down? is it due to lack of a host? or has the developer just crawled into a corner and died. I noticed that literally every single bleach game on byond has died in the last week. Every single one.
When is the game coming back up VcentG?
Any info about the server being down V.?
It would be great to have the old playerbase but even if we don't I hope you keep up working or hosting this. ^^ Ty.
<3 Hope all has been well Vincent :)
yo wait this games still around? i remember playing it like 15 years ago. this is cool to see
dead game that wont be updated owner is too busy jerking off in the discord about starfield
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