by FinalFantasyFreak
Can you survive?

Random : This mode is a mode that selects one of the current modes that we will play on.

Hurricane : A category 5 hurricane attempts to destroy the hurricane shelter you are in. Can you survive it?

BYOS : Build Your Own Shelter(BYOS) is basicaly the same as Hurricane, except for the fact that you get to build your own shelter instead of using the premade one.

The Day After Tomorrow : This is an extreme hurricane mode. Walls are instantly shattered by debris, and you can die from being frozen while standing in snow. Much more harsh than Hurricane mode, except that there are no floods.


-Final Fantasy Freak

Icon makers:

-Final Fantasy Freak (Crappy turfs, debris and such)

-Neonlare (Mob icons and clothes)

Concept/Story designer:

-Final Fantasy Freak

I miss this game :(
Smoosh wrote:
I miss this game :(

It look fun, but no one host it :(
I couldnt figure out how to play this game.
This game is great, can it still be hosted?
Great Game... Used to host it along time ago... Loved it alot
I loved this game, but the download was broken for ages. Glad to see it works again. :)
Hey guys, it's still pending but I am announcing a sequal to Hurricane. Sadly it will not be on BYOND (due to BYOND's limitations), but it will be a better game for it. The announcement will be here once it's approved: announcing-hurricane-2d