My Life as a Spy

by Skysaw
My Life as a Spy
Five teams of spies compete to secure documents, using nifty spy gadgets to foil their enemies.
Welcome to My Life as a Spy, the FREE multi-player internet roleplaying/strategy game where you can play a secret agent out to foil enemy agents.

Work for one of five agencies, each with its own perks. Choose your focused abilities to shape your character. Be strong, be a great marksman, be a trap-setter, or hide in the shadows... it's your choice.

Hosting Schedule

The game will be hosted from Friday at around 7:00pm U.S. Eastern Time, until Monday at around 12:00am U.S. Eastern Time.

... unless circumstances prevent it.

MLAAS Gold Membership
My Life as a Spy is free to play for all. However, there are a few features that can only be activated by becoming a MLAAS Gold member. Gold members are allowed to do the following:

* Promote your characters to ranks 11-20.
* Join teams other than the initially available Black, Red and Green teams.
* Shared Locker for sharing items between your characters.
* Enjoy other future enhancements to the game, as they become available.

Your Gold membership entitles you to a full year of these benefits for every character you create with the subscribed key. After your year is up, you may continue to use attained higher ranks, and remain on a special team if you have joined one, but you will no longer be able to initiate these actions for new characters.

The price for MLAAS-Gold is $8.00 a full year, and $37 for five years.

BYOND Membership Perks
Gain access to shortcuts and helpful areas when you buy a BYOND Membership
Ya this game is so cool
I had an Awesome Purple spy too, but once I get my credit card back, then I'm upgrading myself with a Gold sub, and then it's back to training as a Purple spy.
This game looks really good, but is there ever anyone online?
It's online occassionally. It was actually just on earlier today, and going to log in a little right about now. Nandrew, when do you host the game?
I remember back when there was a playing schedule. Good times.
I host any chance I get. I don't have a connection at home.
Can you post the hosting files? My friends and I want to play the game on our own.
The hosting files are current not available to the public. Sorry.
Ah why not? This game has been out for too long please just post them.
Simply because I don't want other servers at the moment. It's easier keeping it limited to one server right now.
just be thankful you get to play it this much, I liked the old schedule myself, 1 day a week.
wow i remember this old game... i wonder if i still have inf cash on it?
this is good game
One day is not really that good as you think. Hosting a game of minimum of one day will not gain a lot of players. 2-3 days is perfect for this games case. Simply due to the fact this game is not fully updated and how the game is played. Last one day a week will not be sufficient amount of time to achieve some things.
well, when this game was hosted only one day a week, there were more players, and plenty of time to do things back then. I havent played much since the new updates, so I cant comment on how it is now, I was just saying how I liked it being 1 day a week, not suggesting that it should be hosted 1 day a week.
Alright, I understand that it's your perspective of how you liked it, but I just had to state my argument about it.
Put servers up early today. please. :D
Sorry, not able to put them up until this evening. My connection doesn't work well enough during the day to accomplish this.
Anybody else have trouble logging into this game? Every time I try I get access denied. This would lead me to believe I was banned but I never did anything to get banned from it... ever. I am not sure if this is what it truly means but if so could somebody please fix this?
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