My Life as a Spy

by Skysaw
My Life as a Spy
Five teams of spies compete to secure documents, using nifty spy gadgets to foil their enemies.
Should be better now, give it a try.
Nadrew.... Would I be able to buy game from you? I want to upgrade it with better graphics and change a couple things... the games good but what I got in mind is pretty good and I want to bring it together.
No. It's not within my rights to sell any part of this game or its content. I signed an agreement when I took it over.
Nadrew seems to have taken over development, and while the agreement he signed precludes him from reselling it. You could potentially speak to him, in private, about lending your ideas and graphics, as the developer the final say is up to him. But I'm sure skysaw provided him with a direction to go in, and if not, I'm sure he's capable of making those sorts of decisions for himself. You might not be able to 'wrest creative control' into your hands, but if you want to contribute, speak to the current director, and see if he thinks you're suitable for it. Don't let 'control' get in the way of creativity.
Just out of curiosity, what is the split in profits from Gold Subscriptions between you and Skysaw? Always happy to support the old games whenever I can. :)
The split is 100% to Skysaw.
Where is the server!?
What happened? I thought this was being hosted regularly again :(
Had some technical difficulties this weekend, I'll go ahead and put it up for 48-hours right now.
Any chance that MLAAS is going up this week? Or is it on hiatus again? Found myself coming back to BYOND after a LONG break and saw MLAAS hosted this year so I figured I'd ask.
Classic :)
Howdy, Stealth. Game's still running on Fridays if you wanna pop in :)
Game is rarely up anymore, certainly not up enough to have a playerbase on any of the random dates that it's available to play. It's sad, because this is an awesome game that's very enjoyable, but it looks like MLAAS is finally dead.
I miss this game!
Been hosting 24/7 for a while, not many people join. Gonna be a fairly awesome update once the latest BYOND version becomes stable.
I was playing a bit tonight, I'll hop on tomrrow if I get a chance. We should catch up! :)
I love this game so much, I use to play it a lot growing up, one of the greatest games on Byond, actually learned some things surprisingly.

I'd play this regularly if it was hosted regularly, please host it again thank you :)!
I still host Friday-Monday on most weekends unless circumstances prevent it. I'm also working on a fairly large update at the moment too.
Can you host it again soon, maybe today tonight or now till next week Saturday?

Thank you very much.
It's running now :)
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