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Im asking u can i get gm on your game My Key Is Reggy567
and most of your gms isnt on this game at all only for like 1 or 2 days when i first joined.So alot of people have been joining nd i wanted to know if i can get gm for your game.Key:Reggy567 Name:Half Demon Valon
I would like to be GM in Your Inuyasha game I'm most of the time on and i will help in any kind of way i can thx my key is Isaac321 and my name in game is Mike the GM you have are almost never on and i just want to help ppl thats all i will say thx ^^
I would like to be GM in your Inuyasha game i am on every day and while im on ppl say that we need a gm. My Key is Tobixhidan. My Name is Kazuki. I just want to help out the ppl on the game. :)
then help people you dont need gm to help people you guys just want gm you aint getting it
if you were experienced in being a gm you would know the first rule dont ask to be gm apply for it
I am the Co Developer of INEB...Listen asking for gm with the reason of "im good at it believe me"...well we cant.Now we watch and we reward..asking for it doesnt lower your chances.We keep watching...but please...STOP ASKING >:O!!!...anyways major update in progress please stay tuned!.-Kiskae-
When will Inuyasha be back up ,If ya need testers or the game is up for good let me know ^_^
I really wish the inuyasha game was up!