Disky Challenge

by Bandock
Chip's Challenge Variation, entering into BYOND!
Meet a Chip's Challenge Variation in BYOND! This time, you're collecting disks.

Requirements: at least BYOND V351

Credits go to:
Chuck Sommerville for the Original Chip's Challenge
Music & Sound credits are inside the game
Evi of Au, Calus CoRPs, Audeuro, and a few others who participated in earlier version tests
You (if attempted) for playing the game

Version 0.22 Golden Disk Edition (Public Test, 12/10/06)
Adds three more levels to the current DCL pack.
Golden Disk added for the contest!

Version 0.22 (Public Test, 11/01/06)
First Public Test Release
Map Editor is not open to public yet in this version
Multiplayer Support
I get huge CPU spikes between levels. I don't know what's going on - I could play Chip's Challenge on a ~18 year old laptop without maxing out the CPU =)
What happened is the load time is slow when loading levels. I definitely still need to fix that. Been thinking of loading only objects or turf objects that exist in the level (as it does go through a very intense cleanup, even for small levels).

Heck, been thinking about utilizing a quick load feature.

Edit: You may notice even the level packs turn up larger than the data file for Chip's Challenge even with fewer levels. That I'm also planning to fix.