by MonkeyNamedEric
Play as any one of the original 7 digimon
EARLY Alpha stages so don't expect mcuh. Go ahead and post suggestions and comments in the forum. Check forums for updates.

MonkeyNamedEric (Owner, Coder)
Palmer (Co-Owner, Iconist, a friend)

If you'd like to contribute to Digimon email me at [email protected] and send a peice of your work that's corresponding to what job you want.

I really only need 2 or 3 in each job (excluding hoster which needs one). If they have 2 or 3 and you wanna be one of them you need to be SUPER good.

Coder: MonkeyNamedEric

Mapper: MonkeyNamedEric

Iconist: MonkeyNamedEric, Palmer

Hoster: (need one damn it!)

Baby Digimon Icons: http://giffactory.joeyteel.com/

Teaching Me How to Make a Title Screen >.>::
Title Screen Demo by Rifthaven
If you need a tester or an Iconner Message me .