Charmed Revolutions

by Christopher52488
Still in testing
I like to give credit to syncwolf for the contentious of charmed.

Credits goes out to.....
Hawkban-Creater of Charmed
Syncwolf-Cont. Charmed
Chris-Owner and coder iconer and mapper
Kuriu-Ideas of the parallel world.
Byond members for ranking
Players for playing.

Hollow fixed
Charmed and Evil Charmed Manors Added
Avatar and triad Lair added
P3 added
Music Player added and also a helper of coding Thanks to lcooper
Parallel world added for evil charmed one (only way to get there is a spell )
SPell added in the BOS and a scroll for the Parallel world
Avatar triad and source maps added
Adding more maps and new changes.

Vampire Lair
Dark Elder Lair
Vampire Rank (Vampire Queen and King
Dark Elder Rank
Even more ranks
And a Ceromeny Room for the Source..........

Working on Sounds