by Lavarion
It's an RPG.
Even with the old version, can't connect.
It looks like StolenLands is finally dying off for good. Sad to see it go. It was, and still is, the best game on Byond by far. Too bad the majority of Byond users never had the privilege of playing this wonderful game.
I'm really sad to see this game gone.
How do I connect? I MUST NOW KNOW.

You need this version of Byond to play the game.
You should now be able to connect with the updated version of BYOND.
Demon Wrath4, i would like to host your old game NDS, will pay you for the files outright or the rights, or would just love to host it for all to enjoy, i really miss that game!
Now being hosted and actively updated at
This games was pretty interesting, but, With the host and owner changing everything so whimsically (they would change the mechanics of skills massively and completely destroy builds without respecing.), many inbalances in the game (amoung them were hidden skills that were completely and utterly over powered if built around, yet only the admins and their friends would know of) and extremely confusing mechanics that made no sense (potions can't be used while blind...What?, magic can't be used through walls unless you target them on yourself, monster power creep was extremely random to the point where you couldn't advance.) it was still an enjoyable game with unique but tight builds you could make.

I still remember the time when I made a poison/dark wave build that was extremely effective, up to the point where the owner/host was losing to me in his pvp arena and ctf with his/her build that was over 50+ levels then me. After 2 days poison was rendered nearly useless where a basic attack damage spell did more damage. The excuse was that it's a secondary attack damage skill (Yet a basic lit 1 spell did more overall damage then poison did with the full duration of posion.... more salt please.)

After that I made a battle cleric build and tried to party up with people, but the host and owner told anyone that I partied up with would be banned if they partied with me. I then decided to make a pure melee build and kill the person whom actually coded the game over and over. At the time there were no rules in place to prevent such a thing, yet I was banned later after they edited in some rules stating that I broke them. (Later on, like months later, I talked to Mr.Fuji(coder) and he agreed with me that he felt uncomfortable coding for them)

I'm overall not a salty person, and even back then it takes a lot to piss me off since I shrug off the minor things. But, this level of corruption was really bad, I couldn't even enjoy the game despite the flaws when they were on. I would love to see another stolen lands like game without ANY of their involvement and less pointless server wipes.

Oh, btw Alturos, they have been using your music for other things aside from stolen lands. Message me if you want to know the details.

TL:DR Host and Owner were little immature pricks that changed the mechanics of the game when I destroyed them in pvp.

p.s. Still waiting for that threat to come through "coming over to where you live and shot you in the head, I know your ip." Claviarm. You didn't spell shoot right btw.
Does anyone know if the host files are still out there?
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