Luminous Chronicles Advanced

by Eldin4122
Luminous Chronicles Advanced
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Yup, you guessed it! We're finally hiring for staff to actually develop the game! Are you thinking about joining? Whaaat!? You are!? Then post which role you wish to play in the developers staff, and why you should be chosen! Don't forget to include a reference of your own work, we need proof of what you're able to do!

The following spots are open!

* Lead Coder

* Sub Coder

* Lead Mapper

* Sub Mapper 1

* Sub Mapper 2

* Lead Sprite Artist

* Sub Sprite Artist 1

* Sub Sprite Artist 2

* Sub Sprite Artist 3
I would like to help you with this. Wouldn't say I'd want to be a lead coder as my skill isn't of that level, as I seem to learn more code with every glance, I'd like to put it to use. Also I can contribute towards mapping and tilesets.
Holla Back
I'd be totally down to try out as a sub sprite artist, granted you send me a full sprite sheet for the game (so I can get every pose a class needs). I might accept being a lead artist, but I'm not sure I have the time or that I'm of the caliber-- I'll let that determine itself in time.

I've got some good experience working with 16-bit spriting and I'm not exactly super-pressed for time, so I could undertake a project and see it through to the end in a pretty short time frame, since spriting isn't super difficult. Besides that, I've played a lot of RPGs; my influences for spriting come from a variety of places and would probably help to add flavour to the sprites.
You may want to give some more information on the game. I know nothing of this game. I have no urges to join at all. Convince me.
I would like to help in any way i can but im not so sure how much time i can invest into it. I mostly do turfs but could do other icon or image work.

PS. can someone shut that troll up? yes the one named "Sum-dude"
Well if you don't like the game then don't play it. Damn trolls i swear...

~~Public Service Announcement!~~
Please refrain from feeding the trolls it only makes them more active. Thank you
~~End Of Announcement~~
My kind and unbiased(since I have never played or even heard of this game) respect for you was lost with your blatant, repetitive, and childish insults thrown around like STDs in middle school, Sum-dude.
Not in today's world. Not only are there dumber analogies out there, but mine is also completely true.
Would you mind explaining your definition of a moron and why you love throwing it everywhere, child?
My apologies for that, Albro. I just now banned him from this post. Anywho, I'll tell you about it via MSN, if you have it. Mine's [email protected] And it's the same for my Yahoo Messenger ID, obviously.
why would somone who never heard of this game even post on a "dev" spot thread?
In response to Xhaos
Xhaos wrote:
why would somone who never heard of this game even post on a "dev" spot thread?

You're going to have to explain what you mean by ""dev spot thread". It's an Ad, and it was on the Community forums. I followed it here.
did you even read the 1st post >.>
Yes, I did. It's an ad. Searching for developers. As such, it showed up on the Community forums. I followed it here.

Do I need to explain it again?
I would be willing to help in anyway with images but all i really want right now is the game back up, if need be i can host on my other comp till there is a more permanent host. don't want any powers or anything just want the game back up im going nuts without it lol.

Longest i have kept a server up was about a week without a reboot but i know this reboots on a timer so should be fine, plus hoping i dont have to host long if you do use me as temp host lol
In response to Atacoo
Mmmm, we do need new battlefields. But I pretty much got that all covered.
Ok we need a stable host, restarting over and over sux if need be i will make my desktop 24/7 server for it, at worst i would have a small downtime for power cycling. so yea my offer still stands.
Agreed Atacoo. We definitely need to get a consistent host.
In response to Atacoo
If you're willing, then sure.
I am willing, if your wanting me to.(sorry too much was going on last week didn't have time to check this) Just tell me what I need to do to get the file and I can have it up promptly there after.
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