Luminous Chronicles Advanced

by Eldin4122
Luminous Chronicles Advanced
Insert small description, here.
Still here, still willing to help. lol
And another server down.... bah
There was another server? For what, a day? lol
Hey Eldin it's been a while but I have to ask if things are well and about the progress you are undoubtedly making, the anticipation we all hold is unbearably strong but we know that you never disappoint so give it your all! (Unless personal issues are present if that's the case we will stand at the comfortable distance you provide for us.)
Don't worry, there'll be a hub soon to notify you for when there'll be servers up. =D Soon, our 24/7 host'll be back and I'll transfer my saves to him. Currently, I'm updating all the sprites to their GBA/TAY counter parts so they'll look all shiny and new. I'll also be adding Challenge Dungeons based on your level. =D One for every 10 levels. With each having a piece of Adamantite inside, and some neato equipment. =D You can still attempt them if you're not at that level, you just have to reach a certain point in the game. Like to gain access to the level 10 one, you have to beat the first optionable boss. So yeah, new stuffs. =D There's been other updates too, plus we're adding a monster taming system in a few months. With that, the game'll have a lot more gameplay to do. Plus, with some tournaments the Admins can host. With prizes ranging from the winner being able to have a monster of their choice added to the game! =D Yup, fun stuff. We're also updating current systems, and if you didn't check already. We already did quite a few stuff. =D
I Will Be Happy When It's Ready :)
That's great news! I hope everyone that played before comes back for the grand opening. I also hope for two stuffed crust pepperoni pizzas but since that requires me and money, the other might be more of a success.
Sounds awesome ^.^
Hey all it's been a while, thought I would ask for an update or something of the sort so me and others could see how far you are on it up to this point.
I usually regard no news as good news, but I'm not feeling that vibe here.
Oh, sorry. We've been updating for quite some time. You should see it up sometime soon. Feel free to check the changelog once you log on.
i wonder if this is dead still
I wonder why I can't find this on the Byond game search nor the desktop Byond browser... There's no reason it shouldn't be on it.
But I guess that means either the game died out like my hope for the future, or that it's being updated even to today... I hope it's the latter.
Probably the latter. I was going to an overhaul of things later. I think that's a pun.
That's awesome to hear...well see in text... whatever you know what I mean. Either way if you need someone to test features hit me up.
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