Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Online

by Xxdragonslxx
Complete quests, kill monsters, unlock jobs, all that good stuff
Ver. 0.89

FFTAO is a completely non rip rpg. This game instead of a tactics type of game (i'm still working on the turn by turn base type thing) the battle system is more like FF XI where you run around and kill the enemies that way, This game has many possablilityes (I tryed to make tons of possabilities)
i've finished making some stores ( Weapon, Item, Still working on the Ability store), i made not that many weapons or items yet but you know its still not complete. The more you think of it this game has nothing to resemble Final Fantasy at all ...
I will also be adding screens soon after i finish up some more different types of armor.

This game includes:
( # means complete, % means i'm still working on it )

Battle system (#/%) // I still have to add in more spells and stuff
Leveling system (#)
Functional team system (#)
Functional Foes to kill (#/%) // I got them to work but not in the traditional FFT style
Quest System (%) // Haven't even started on it -.-
and many more!

This game is completely origonal, Testing for this game will be held soon!, i will be giving out the host files when Beta 1.0 is out.