Phoenix: Sundered Earth

by Archonex
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open Alpha -
If this, really is the way to do it......

I've been wondering about hosting, ever since about 3 months ago when I actually realized I had somehow Auto-postforwarded. So, yeah. I obviously have no hosting experience....but I am a very good roleplayer, I've adminned before, and, I also ATTEMPTED hosting, but realized I was actually not on the hub. So, yes, I know where everything is as a host, but I've never had real players. And, this was on DB finale, using their files, but, I'm guessing that that isn't the proper file for this, any longer.

Take me into mind, and, if Abrid was right, and there can only be a certain amount of people at a time, just message me later. I'm usually on during the weekend. Once I finally figure out hosting, I'll probably keep my computer on sleep and have admins run it, when I can't access it, during school.
I don't think the game is looking for hosts right now, but I am. I'm going to add you on my Byond pager so we can talk about what I need you to host.