Dragonball Z SR

by Jjs3 jamie
Dragonball Z SR
DBZ SR Fun For Everyone And Friends New And Improved

Dragonball Z: Saiyan's Revenge (SR)

-- Rules --

GM's are not authorized to kill other people for you, or to increase your statistics in anyway.
No Gym Killing
Have fun!

Notice Not Easy Training Cant Handle The Challenge Then This Game Is Not For You

target="_blank">trunks ssj6
Hey, Its Me King Zelda, Its My alt, I havent seen this game up, now that it is, im happy :)
Thanks Just Want My Friends To Have Fun
well i guess there updating
is a goku type saiyan even in the game?
yeah goku can be a saiyan in the game and we are also looking to update soon
So wats going on r yall upgrading
hey whats the dealio? just wondering if there's something wrong with the server but anyways this is a great game thanks guys
every time i try and play it says connecting failed this blows i just played last night :S
yeh sorry about that jay will be rehosting soon
it says its failed.....
failed to connect.
Room dropped and hasn't been back up in almost 2 hours.....
like 6 hours now
how long does it take to re a comp.....
is the server down?
probs going to be down for the weekend sorry guys
this game make me remember dbz shards of time lolz
as soon as i get up the server goes down again lol
lolz i dont get y i cant loggin with the laptop
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