Pokemon Aqua Aura!

by Reno Kujika
Pokemon Aqua Aura!
v1.5.1 Looking for dedicated members to be apart of the Developer's Team. We need iconners, mappers, graphic visuals, coders, everything! Contact us via forums or email!
We have found a host! Special thanks to RandyB2009.

Vote for the next available Pokemon here!

We need beta testers running around testing all little aspects of the game right now! We have been gone for a while without hosting abilities and need to make sure new things, along with old things, still work! We want to hear what you have to say also! Tell us how you think the game could be better by visiting our forums. This will determine the overall integrity of the game the sooner we can find this bugs/glitches! Thank you for your help!
When discovering a new glitch please visit our forums and post it on there.
You may also email Volt, Volt1758@hotmail.com, or me, renokujika@live.com.
Please fill the subject line with something we can recognize as: "Glitch in PAA" ect., ect.,
Thank you all again!

Interface created by Vexxen.
Credit to RaeKwon for our On-Screen Text code.

Anyone wanting to help icon, map, or code should visit the forums and post your application.

Game has been currently updated!
Next update will see the 3 Sinnoh Starters added as well as Moltres, Lugia And Registeel

Come in and play Pokemon Aqua Aura, great game with great admins. Nice community and a lot to do!
-Do quests for money, experience, or items.
-Explore the vast map and discover new secrets.
-Fight legendary Pokemon such as: Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza
-Open up a store or build a house in the build zone.
-Challenge other players to battles in the PK Zone.
-A lot more is being added in the various updates, so come play Pokemon Aqua Aura today.

Current GMs/Admins:
1. Reno (Reno Kujika) / Volt (Volt666)
2. Randy (RandyB2009)

1. Do not ask for Admin.
2. Respect fellow players and ranking players.
3. No Spamming of anykind.
4. No Swearing of anykind.
5. Do not randomly attack players, ask to battle first, and do so inside the proper area. (Auto-Jail System is in place.)
6. Do not advertise other games. Zero Tolerance!
7. We have access to multiple objects that may be built by players. We have a Build Zone, do not build outside of the designated area!
8. Do NOT AFK Train - No Auto-Click. Save wiped and Temporary Ban.

GM Rules

1. No Abuse, authority needs to be a positive roll model.
2. Have reason, a good one, to punish players. Not "Because he was mocking me!!!"
3. Respect everyone, don't act like you are better. Last resort, but the truth in the end is: Everybody is replaceable!
4. Your powers can be taken away at any time. another incentive to follow these rules.
5. Regular Rule Set applies to GMs and Gods.

Contact Information:
-- renokujika@live.com
-- Volt1758@hotmail.com
-- Forum

Counter Started August 14th, 2008.

2008-2015 Pokemon Aqua Aura Productions.

We do not own, or claim to own, any of the icons that are owned by the Pokemon Company.
We do not own, or claim to own, any of the music files that are owned by the Pokemon Company.
We are in no way affiliated with the Pokemon Company, we are a fan based game.
Icons ripped from Emulated versions of the Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon series.
We did have physical copies of each version ran on our emulators.
Best Game ever
The best Pokemon game on Byond, nice GMs, a lot to do!
Awsome game. o.O oh wait i own it i already know xD.
Itsss backkkkk
Great Game
best game every its super fantastic guys and girls i say 100 stars for this game ^_^ i love it.
When its gonna get hosted again????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Needs a host bro.
Reno take it up please we need ya,if you cannot,i will let my friend his key is Rikuuz9 talk to him tell him Munsi told him to host,if it whas okaj,cuz he is good at it.
so please now,respond i got you on pager,Munsi4 <--- key,Respond :(
I would host this if needed.
I need a host. That's like all I need. Lol.
Add me on msn natojames@live.com
Can do!
Ill host, Just upload the host files to a file site and page them to me.
Reno i can host if you want i'll do it free of my own will.Well i love this game people want this up so please let us play it again.
This Game Was AWEOSOME when its gonna be back up ? ? D:
Yo bro,please take it up Reno.Add me on Pager.My name is ''Munsi4'' dude this game was awesome it was pwnage.When it gonna get back up again?
Please put this game back up!!! >.< I love the game, and i dont want it to go down forever!!! Please put it up!!!!
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