Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
just a little something Ive been working on for a few hours(two days for the rest of the sprite)

An alternate race that brings linear development into SA's open ended game play. If you like huge Axe/sword wielding wolves then this is the race for you. They're called Lupans(derived from Lupa;The Greek wolf goddess) they're heavy tanking characters with little to no magical/spiritual ability.

New Trees!

happy pre-easter!

(Chris will probably hate me for spoiling them hehe)
I like the new trees better than the old ones.
In response to Akriloth
Akriloth wrote:
I like the new trees better than the old ones.

So do I. The old ones would eventually be removed entirely
looks kind of like a bear to me :|
sure it can be an anthropomorphic bear. but alas, its more of a werewolf by design.probably looks that way because of the palette i chose. I'll test out a few more palette swap.
Spirit Age just went from Awesome to omg this is the best thing that I have ever seen :)
Spirit Age Vs Adventure Quest Worlds
Did you go to school for computer graphics?Cause your pretty good.
Nah, just natural talent. but I am pretty enthusiastic about all forms of art. I wanted to explore more forms of art(music) but just don't have them time for it. well actually Im still undecided on my career path. I will probably try my hand at getting a scholarship at a school in the US for the sake of the opportunities.
How old are you Zane if that isn't to personal I thought u were 21+ atleast.
Turned 18 in January.
Ahh gifted at a young age xD.(Made myself sound old right there >.<)
looks good. tree's leaves make me think of cubanbling
Hm, does this mean other races have different upgrade trees (with the whole upgrading stats every which way), will there actually be many different races? Also, if Lupans are non magic users, what do they do with their magic stat (or spirit, or whatever that stat was)? In the .gif the trees/grass have a bit of a pixel flickering, is that just an issue with the animated .gif, or is there some kind of... I don't know, lighting or something that changes the look of the turfs? Why do I keep asking a bunch of questions each time you post?
i wouldn't say we have a lot of races(by the end of beta I don't think we'll have more that four available,including humans.). we plan to have each race introduce a different play style. While its still being worked on, I plan for their final version to use either "Ether(combination of spiritual and physical energy" or some sort of "Rage/momentum energy source" that gets replenished with dealing damage with certain skills.

They do get a entirely different skill set.

I believe its the glow effect that's causing the pixels to flicker, It's actually very hard for me to notice though. I can only assume that's caused by the .gif

Let us play already!

All of it is looking pretty sweet, especially the mob. I can't help but be thrown off by the tree's trunk though - it seems kind of wonky.
The new trees, or the older looking ones in the .gif?

A server should be available pretty soon,we're kinda having server problems.

Question. Is the design meant to be open-world or does it hold your hand as you progress?

Like, skyrim's world progression(completely open) vs. epic's world progression(much more linear)

I'm just fantasizing that this game would have a well-done open world setting.
Open world. there is an engaging story but it doesn't define player experience. What we want is for players to have a larger influence in their game rather than following designer made content. Players would be offered a wide area of customization and not be restricted to one form of game play. I cant really say much about it since we still need to test it and make adjustments as necessary.

We were throwing around some ideas about a players influence on the world with a system of fame to infamy ratio. where certain acts would either grant fame or lower it, with negative integers being "infamy"

With this we'd be able to adjust HOW different NPC's act toward a player.
For example: a sweet old lady would want nothing to do with a player with a lot of infamy. This of course is still in the design phase. But i think that this would really bring diversity to boring repetitive quests.

sounds like what i had expected. the fame to infamy thing sounds kind of like a mix between SWTOR's affinity scale and TES's bounty system.

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