Naruto Regions

by AngryRaccoon
Naruto Regions
A GOA Based Naruto game auto lvl's training is easy become the strongest ninja alive and destroy your enemy's
Being worked on
Need someone wh can GFX they will get Admin and will take full credit.
QQ what the hell is going on why i am not admin T.T
YAY i finally got it out of beta everyones free to join every clan is good with the right build i still need to fix pin finished uchiha and Uzumaki clan their kyuubi is OP ass hell X_X
i thought this game belongs to Marcus QQ
ROFL this is my game
realy O_o,last time i played it,than there was marcus owner,whole game changed after that
whatever and btw u have only few hair styles,make me admin and i can give u 45 new skills which i was going to give someone else and i'll give u many new hair styles
hair....?who cares about hair?
Smfh Garbage ass rip of my game Yall Are failures get your own shit stead of stealin mine
dont know what your talken about but i didnt rip your leaked as revised source u use now rofl
Smfh your a faggot ur using my shit and not givign me credit THUS your a RIp of revised you fuckin faggot
Specially My Kyuubi shit Your A Faggot fuckin Failure who cant make his own shit
rofl u use faggot alot but ill give u credit you little bitch ;) and keep rageing
all u had to do was say hey your riping my game can u at least give me some credit but naa you gotta curse and act like a bitch
No fuckin Shit im pissed because your CLAIMING that The Shit I MADE , was done by you , smfh Wouldnt you be pissd if i Jacked ur stuff and used it and said Oh I made this, yea You would smfh
im sorry?
cant get much better then that
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