Naruto Uprising

by Jason1992
Naruto Uprising
A New Uprising of Ninja, How will you tke control. Dozen of ninja missions that range in difficulty, PVP action with great graphics. Friendly communites and fun gameplay. Come Join

A brand new original Naruto based fan game. With a strong emphasis on FAN. The ninja world is finally at peace, but a new uprise of ninja has began to arise. Who will stand up and become ruler of all ninja. Take your abilities and use them as your tools to leading your village to the top.


Jutsu:This game will bring back the dreaded Handseals but with a twist. Techniques will be done by pressing the cooresponding Handseals. The handseals will be taught by an NPC. excluding Taijutsu Techniques which need to be done by pressing a combo of punch and kick.

The game is undergoing a big update and is almost complete. The coding is almost complete and all that remains is the mapping. WE know that we have not been on recently to keep you guys updated but we are going to come back strong to keep you guys intrested, with all new techniques and cool graphics. stay tuned!!!

*(8/18/10)We now have Each Biju 1-9, except for 5 which i will probably make anyday now. Still waying my options or a host and i will pick someone hopefully by tomorrow(8/19/10).

Ha, this game looks so awesome, can't wait till it's out or open beta.
Thanks.We are hoping to have many Unique and Cool Features to make this game great.We are always looking for ideas and more staff so contact me if You would like to help
jason can i be a lvl4 gm
Jason Whats Your Msn I would Like to Help Icon and code And my friend can Icon and Map and I know Three expert Iconers
i dont have a MSN but my yahoo is [email protected] contat me as soon as possible because i really want to get this ready for playing
Hey burning, its genshin, i still want GM...cant wait to play the game, its going to be great
yeah i cant wait either..the main thing thats holding me back is hosting Once a host comes i can test some things about to update the HUB to let yall know about new features
sounds great, have you completed iconing and coding for the frist version?
Well besides a few element type icons for jutsus and maybe a few small coding things..but i would say version 1 is about 94% ready
cool, do you still need idea's for jutsu's?
Yeah in a way..more ideas makes a better game