by Crispy
Just a little dicey.
Play the classic game of Yahtzee by yourself, with friends, or against the computer. You can even customise the interface by reversing it, dragging the HUD around, and changing the background colour!

Better yet, it's completely free!

Changes in version 3:
- The dice were not showing in recent BYOND versions. They should show up in all versions.
- AIs now respond to chat.
- Options are now in a pop-up window.
- Sounds! These can be turned on and off at will.
- A customisable sound alert when it's your turn (Note: Custom sound alerts can greatly increase the size of your savefile, potentially introducing a lengthy delay whenever you change your preferences.)
- The method used for detecting straights has been changed. Hopefully it's now more reliable.
- If a player logs out while playing the game, they have 30 seconds in which to return before they are replaced by a stand-in AI player. If they log back in after those 30 seconds, they will resume their place in the game.

Changes in version 2:
- Computer players! They're not the smartest players around, but they do play competently.
- HUD objects can now be dragged around the screen, courtesy of Crispy.HeadsUp
- A whole host of bugs fixed

Planned features:
- More bug fixes
- High score list
- Save the position of HUD objects
- Customising the appearance of the dice (yep, I'm crazy)
- Customising the text colour of the HUD objects and the banner (did I mention I was crazy?)
- Smarter AI