Zoids Battle

by Devourer Of Souls
Zoids Battle
A real-time action Zoids game, offering complex battles and strategy.
Enjoy battles in your favorite Zoids, and customize them with a myriad of parts, weapons, options, and sub-parts.

(Current version uploaded is several years old, and I don't plan to do any updates to the game any time soon. However, since people kept asking, I decided to put it up for hosting. It's not much, but it was a fun project back when I was working on it.
Work on it! :D
wtf is this game?
hey can somebody host please!!!! and DOS can you add my key? im not a member :I
It has a lot to work on, although I didn't battle anyone, just icons in general.
some one should really open a server
Asakuraboy wrote:
Work on it! :D

make a server!!!!!!!

need to be fixed i am dieing to play
some one start a server
i hosted server
Hey are you online we ca battle ?

wait firs i think the server is 1553
I'm hosting a server
i love this game and i remember when the owner made this game. If people are really gonna play this and host im totally down to start all over again once more.
Hey guys!!! I know from posts that some of you out there want to play this game. Well I want everyone that wants to play to know that i'm going to start hosting the game from about anytime from 5:00 P.M. TO 9:00 P.M.
Im going to be hosting this game 24/7, game looks really cool.
When exactly will hosting for this game resume? I haven't seen it being hosted in a long while and I've always wanted to check it out being the only Zoids game on BYOND.
Hey everyone. if you still are looking at this game. i will be the one hosting it from now on
In response to Bleachslayer
Dont worry people im hosting 24\7 no matter what
In response to Bleachslayer
Question can a person hosting make people in server GM's?
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