Acheron's Awakening

by Silk Games
Acheron's Awakening
An action MORPG set in a world on the brink of total ruin...
The Great War nearly destroyed the world of Orrecia.

Scattered islands lie in the place of once-grand continents.

Humankind is near ruin.

The Gods have been slain.

The evil responsible for this devastation has been sleeping for two thousand years.

...and it's about to wake up.

3drealms was shut down.
I Liked this game as well, it had alot of potential.
Was this ever made playable at some point?
And what a glorious weekend it was.
Why was this discontined it looks like this game could of been one of the best original RPG games right now and since BYOND is in such a bad state it could've brought it up like NES.