Most people probably won't care, but I had a job this past week, and was terminated due to missing 2% on one of the training exams. I'm now without a job and I need money desperately for my living situation. I'm requesting for those who care, to make donations to [email protected] on PayPal. In order to encourage people to do so, I'm allowing people to have custom characters on Super Smash Bros. BYOND. These custom characters will not have any restrictions whatsoever, apart from damage, speed, and range of attacks. This means someone can donate money and pick Goku as their custom character, as opposed to Goku being added in for everyone, since that is against the restrictions I made for fully playable characters. In order to get the information of what character you would like, just add me to MSN (same e-mail as my paypal account) and let me know what you want.

Anybody who makes these donations, I really appreciate it.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.
2%?! Thats a bullshit reason to be terminated.
If you need money then stop paying for your internet. That will save you money. It's sad begging for money over the internet.
sorry Man, don't know if you remember me, but, MAN! THAT SUCKS! I hope you get what you need. :)