Naruto Chronology

by Stego
Naruto Chronology
v.4 is being hosted for a test run.
The game will be hosted for a test run for few hours. Hopefully there is still a decent amount of demands for NC.

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P.S. some people tend to think I am not the real one... Check the "Date Added" for this hub... This is the real "Stego" ^^
i miss this game so much....wish it would come back
me too.. ;_;
would there be any way to get the source files for v3 or v4 so we can use them to keep the game running?
This is random, but this was a really great game while it lasted.Had great fun.
I will be hostin NC tonight or tomorrow if you want to play make sure you email me at [email protected]
-wishes for host files of his favorite childhood BYOND game-
dustin you still hosting?
i was just wondering if there is anyone out there who still remembers and/or is hoping for even the slightest inclination to bring this game back. if someone has host files or whatever please post back and lets have some good old fashion fun. this was my first byond game i ever played and it was amazing, bring it back :)
I will be hosting once again [email protected] is my email to login
Only problem is the scoreboard nis bugged
byond:// Naruto Chronology I am hosting it, the scoreboard is bugged but I will be able to fix it eventually come play
Hey, it's Madara. idk if you got my email but im definitely interested in bringing this back up dude
Working to get this back up and active. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
I hope this isn't dead, I'm about to host as soon as I find a few GM's to help also need the GM verbs if anyone knows them to program them into save files for our mods anyone interested?

Hello Chronology fam.
If you remember v.4 or earlier, or just want to catch up:
my email: [email protected]
The Discord server: